1%, 24%, 50%, 24% 1%

I listen to Jody Moore, she is a great life coach.  But sometimes she says things I really don’t agree with.  She loves to say life is 50% great and 50% bad.  I really don’t like that. 

When I think of my vibration chart, of course we sometimes feel the lower vibrations, but I don’t think we need to feel them half the time, I think we can learn to get up to at least neutral, curious or courage 50% of the time! 

So, I came up with my own percentages that feel better and more like a belief I want to choose to have.

It is a lot harder to say and not as pretty, but way more useful for me!


Life is

  • 1% amazing…
  • 24% pretty good
  • 50% OK
  • 24% not so great
  • 1% horrible

This could be throughout 1 day, or throughout a month, or throughout a year…

This is so helpful, because when the bad things happen, I can remember, this is normal, of course 100% can’t be good.  Also, when the boring normal ok things happen, I can remember this is normal too. 

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