In the Finding Joy in the Journey podcast episode 37 “the most powerful thought you can use to stay calm while parenting” I shared the thought “it’s age appropriate”

I also shared a story about how Devon got stabbed by Santa before Christmas. I sort of mentioned it by accident, because I quickly realized while recording, that “age appropriate” thought didn’t help with that situation at all.

I talked about it with my advanced coaching clients class and we realized that some of our kids fall outside of the “age appropriate” thought.

You must know this interesting alternative thought to “it’s age appropriate”

For me it is “It is Devon appropriate”

Because somehow it sort of makes sense that Devon accidently stabbed himself after forgetting he put a knife in his Santa statue.

So for you it may be, “It is _____ appropriate.”

I hope this alternative thought can help those of you with kids who push the age appropriate limits. 😉

Next week I am going to dive into how we need to be careful and still pay attention to warning signs of something outside of their normal.

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