It is almost Finding Joy in the Journey’s Birthday!

Believe it or Not, this is episode 52.

One year ago, I did something I had wanted to do for a long time – I started creating a podcast. 

It was a fun project to do during the quiet laid-back time of Covid Quarantine. 

I had to pick a name, create a logo (with the help of my then 14-year-old), record episodes, learn to edit them….

I have loved so many things about doing a podcast.

I enjoyed it so much, after a few months I decided to start a podcast about birth. I used to be a childbirth educator and birth doula and I have over 1000 blogposts on my Enjoy Birth site.  So I used those topics and birth stories as the inspiration for my podcast episodes.

After a few months, I realized maintaining 2 podcasts a week was a bit much.  So, I now just post Enjoying Pregnancy, Birth and Babies podcast every other week, but have been good about posting every week here.

Another Podcast??

I mentioned in last week’s episode how I felt inspired to start sharing The Gift of Giving Life, a book I co-authored about the Divine Nature of Pregnancy and Birth, consistently.  To make it a focus for the year.

Upon pondering on that inspiration, I realized I needed to start another podcast.  One for The Gift of Giving Life. 

I was fine with that, we have 100’s of blogposts we (the co-authors) have written over the years, so I know I have plenty of topics and I know how to do podcasts now and know I enjoy it.

Taking a Break from Finding Joy in the Journey

I was asking God how to maintain everything I am already doing and add this in and He gave me an answer I didn’t really want to hear.  Take a break from Finding Joy in the Journey for a few months, so you can focus on The Gift of Giving Life. 

Really?  It was surprising when I felt I should focus on birth again and then it was surprising, I would need to take a step back from this podcast and it was disappointing too.

I have a long list of tips and tools I still must share with you all. 

I am not ready to stop! 

I was pondering about just doing it all!  I could do that, right?

Well, I probably could, but could I do it all well?

Probably not.

Consolidating My Energy Will Create Miracles!

Here is my tip for the week – consolidate your energy, focus on what God wants you to do for a few months and see what miracles can occur!

I am going to take my own advice; I was surprised by what God inspired me to do.  It has taken me awhile to decide to put all my energy into it, but I needed some time and perspective, to get to a place where I am ready to do that.

So, I am choosing to take a few months off from this podcast. 

I am excited to move forward with helping others learn how to harness heavenly help, so they can find joy through all the seasons of life.  I am just going to focus on the pregnancy and birth seasons for a few months. 

I am going to be back with season two of Finding Joy in the Journey by September of 2021, maybe sooner.  Maybe I will change the name to Harnessing Heavenly Help… we shall see.

I am going to be having guests on The Gift of Giving Life, once I learn how to do that.  So maybe I will start having guests here too.  So many fun options!

Subscribe to the Podcast, or newsletter – to stay updated!

If you are subscribed to the podcast, you will magically find it back in your feed in September.   Another option is you can sign up for my newsletter, if you haven’t yet. You will get about one email a week and I definitely will keep people updated there!  Also, I hope to stay active on Instagram @powerupyourprayers

I share this dream with you because the message was so beautiful.

las-vegas-sky-divingSkydiving Dream

Oh NO! I have No parachute!

I was skydiving with friends and family.  We all jumped out of the plane and I realized that I didn’t have a parachute on.  I looked around and tried to grab onto a friend, but they felt too skinny and not safe.

So I let go and looked for someone else.  

Wrapped in Strong Arms

I found myself wrapped in a man’s strong arms and was told to drop my phone and purse and to hold on tight.  I was so scared, but he talked me through it and reassured me he wouldn’t let me go.  He explained how we would land and that he would take the brunt of the fall.  I trusted him, knowing he knew what to do and I believed I would be OK.

We landed and all was well.

Rejoicing and Hoping Friend is OK

Then I found myself in my parents dining room.  It was all of us who had been skydiving, friends, family, etc.  talking about my experience and expressing our gratitude to my saver.

We were also waiting to hear if my friend, was going to land safely. (She also had just jumped from the plane without a parachute.)  Was she going to cling to her saver? Did she drop her phone, or would clinging to her phone instead of her saver risk her survival?  We were hoping she would arrive back home safely.


Suddenly the man who saved me walked in and I jumped up to embrace him, longing to feel the comfort and safety of his arms. The love I felt for him was immense. Pure childlike love and adoration. And he loved me just as intensely.  The connection we had made while falling together and his saving me from the fall, was powerful and eternal. We would never forget each other.

I suddenly realized he had saved my friend too and my love increased. I was just so full of love, gratitude and praise.

Everyone there understood my gratitude and rejoiced with me.

My saver was my Savior

I awoke from my dream and knew, this was a message dream.  I quickly understood that my saver was my savior.

I can still remember the feeling of his strong arms keeping me safe. Delivering me safely home. The peace I felt as I fell, knowing I was in his arms, knowing his parachute and experience and strength would save me.

This dream was so varying in emotions – fear, reassurance, comfort, rejoicing and PEACE.  If I close my eyes and remember I can still feel His arms around me.  I love that feeling of being encircled in the arms of Christ.  So powerful and reassuring.

Addictions – let them go!

Interestingly, I had been playing a brain training app almost obsessively on my phone for about 3-4 days before this dream.  While it was a brain training game and I was trying to justify my time playing it, it still was quickly becoming an addiction!  So I knew from this dream that I had to be willing to put down my phone (sacrifice) in order to stay connected to Jesus and my family.

So many of my dreams have warnings about addictions – typically media related, but also food, books etc.  We have to stay focused on what is really important (family, God, relationships) and often, media distracts us from that.

Here are some tips to help you let go of phone addictions.

I look forward to the time when I reunite with my Savior, rejoicing with family and friends as we all express gratitude for his Saving Power!

I have a gift of dreams.  I have a lot of interesting dreams, but some are more than just dreams.  Some have important messages.  I usually know when I wake up if I have had one of those dreams and I quickly write them down, and then pray and ask God what He wants me to learn from it.

I talk about energetic boundaries in this episode – if you want to learn more check out Episode 39 – 8 Ways to Strengthen Your Energetic Boundaries

Prayer Request

Screenshot 2014-11-27 12.35.52

One of the first things I did after I prayed with Rob and sent him off to rescue Devon from Mexico was to post a prayer request first to my prayer group and then to Facebook.

I learned the power of Facebook requests for prayers when Devon broke his Jaw and Arm and needed surgery that night.

I loved being able to call out for help and FEEL the prayers and support being offered.
So of course I reached out for help when I was sending Rob down to a dangerous area to rescue my son I thought had been robbed.  (It was only after he returned home I found out he had been kidnapped.)

Almost immediately I felt the strength of my friends prayers.

Not only did I feel the support from the prayers, things went as smoothly as possible for Rob and Devon.  AND through Friends and Facebook I was able to contact the missionaries in Ensenada who picked up Devon and kept him safe until Rob got him a few hours later.

I also asked for prayers as they approached the border to return home.  With Devon’s passport and licence stolen we were not sure how that was going to go.  It went fairly smoothly and I breathed a sigh of relief when they were across the border!  I also said a prayer of Praise to God!

Sharing the Story

On the 13th I posted a bullet point explanation of what happened on Facebook.  I knew people wanted an update, but I also knew Devon would be sharing his story at school and it sounds so unbelievable that most of his friends parents would think he was lying.  I only wish he was.

So around 3:30 I posted the break down of what happened.  (I posted it later as a blog post here.)

Almost immediately I felt my friends worry and fear.

Within minutes I started to feel horrible.  Like I just wanted to lay down on the floor, curl up and cry.  I couldn’t understand what was happening.  I had been handling things really well up to this point.  Why this sudden nose dive?  I couldn’t stop and curl up on the floor, as T3 had an orthodontist appointment and soccer.  So as I was driving there I was praying and asking why I felt so horrible.

The answer came quickly and clearly.  I was feeling all the emotion of the people reading my post.  They were horrified, scared, worried, sad, etc.  As I had felt the power of their prayers before, I was now feeling the power of their other emotions.  But this was not nearly as fun!

Luckily I had taken a great class the weekend before about protecting yourself from others emotions.  As an empathic person I have always strongly felt others emotions.  I have learned over the years how to balance that, but this class by Orchid helped even more.  So I quickly energetically put up a shield to everyone else’s emotions so that I could focus only on mine.  In order to be a healthy person and Mom I didn’t need to feel the weight of all THEIR fears, worries, etc.

I felt better almost immediately.

Later while journaling I pondered on what had happened.

I could see the web of fear, worry and shock that post created.  Connections between people  are good or bad.  With the speed of the internet I think it can be too quick and intense and can create a web like this.

messy web

Instead of what used to naturally emerge.  People talking one on one, sharing offering support, then sharing one on one with others.  It creates a web in a more healthy way.

healthy web

I definitely learned something from this.  Would I still post what happened on Facebook?  Maybe I would have done a blog post and referred people to that.  Then only those who really wanted to know would have clicked through and read it.  That may have slowed down the spread of the news.   I would also make sure I intentionally shielded myself before posting.  So I wouldn’t feel overwhelmed by others feelings.

But yes, I still would have shared it on Facebook.   I learned so much and wanted to share how God had been there every step of the way protecting Devon and helping us.  That is important to share!

(this is a repost of a blog post I wrote in August 2014)

I love being in the Relief Society Presidency of our ward.

The best part?  Not being the President!!  😉

I am responsible for the Sunday meetings.

I make sure the teachers have the help and support they need.  On rare occasions it means I get to do a sudden impromptu lesson when a teacher is not being able to make it at the last minute.

Sunday after Sacrament Meeting I got a text from the teacher.  She had the flu!!

So I had 30 minutes to prepare a lesson.

I do love to teach.  I also love to prepare, in some ways that is my favorite part of teaching. I learn so much when I am preparing and I feel the spirit.

The lesson was on baptism.  I started reading it and got excited.  The very first section referred to the symbolism between our birth in this life and our rebirth in baptism.  Well, I love birth.  I co-authored a book about the spirituality of birth – The Gift of Giving Life.  I looked up some blog posts on The Gift of Giving Life blog, and got the ideas and inspiration I needed to feel good going into the lesson.

However I still felt some hesitation.  Again, I usually practice my lessons at least 2 times before teaching.  No time for that!  So I prayed for help and got the impression that this was the chance to see the power of The Lord’s hand, that He would give me what I need to speak, when I need to speak it.

My Notes

1 – PreparationDo you think we prepared in the pre-mortal existence for our earthly birth?  Robyn said, “birth is the crowning event of pre-motal life”Do we do things to prepare for our baptism?  Yes, we prepare or help our kids prepare.
2 – BlessingsBody, Light of Christ, New Life, FamilyBody is cleansed, Holy Ghost, New Life and New Church family
3 – Water, Blood, SpiritAmniotic Fluid, Blood, Our Spirit joining with our body.  Moses 6:59 Allowing them to bust forth from pre-motal state, bathed in pure water, life giving blood and the Spirit.Water – BaptismBlood – Atoning Blood of ChristFire – Gift of the Holy Ghost
4 – Who with?Mother(typically) Father
5 – ChoiceWe chose to come to earth.  Imagine we made covenants before we came to earth in this “ordinance” of birthWe choose to get baptized.  Make a covenant in the ordinance.
6 – SacrificeRequires Sacrifice of Mother to birth her baby.Requires Sacrifice of Savior

Baptism and Birth can be Spiritual

I then talked about how when we set our intentions, we can see the spirituality in everything.  I shared the experience I had at T3’s baptism.

My “baby” was baptized in January by his 16 year old big brother.

brothers baptism

The day before his baptism, I remembered about a post my friend wrote for the blog about the baptism of her daughter and how it was as special as the day she was born.  I had not experienced that with my oldest sons baptisms, but I wanted to for this one.

I prayed and asked God to help me have a meaningful experience of my own.  I made sure I got up early Saturday to meditate and pray and study scriptures.  I stayed calm and relaxed before and during the services and really focused on staying present.  (At my other boys baptisms I remember feeling a bit frazzled and overwhelmed.)

I waited and watched with my spiritual eyes.

The talk about baptism was lovely.

My middle son and 8 year old sang When I Was Baptized.  It was lovely.

The talk on the Holy Ghost was great!

Our family went last for the baptism.  We went into the font area.

Then I saw.

I wish I was an artist and could draw the image I had.  I can still see it so clearly in my mind.

It was when B. came up out of the water and was all wet and then he took his first breath.

Suddenly I was back at his birth, when he emerged and his head was all wet and he took his first breath and gave a bellowing cry.

It was so similar, I almost expected to hear crying.

But suddenly he was my 8 year old boy again smiling and laughing as his big brother tried to get the plug undone from the bottom of the font.

The rest of the day was lovely.

Another song by the boys.  (They sang this in the room we did the confirmation.)

Lunch with family and friends.

Park with family.  It was so great having all the grandparents, aunts, uncle and cousins.

Being together!!

Then I saw more

I was exhausted by the time I made it to bed.  It was almost midnight but I knew I had to write down what I had seen.  It was a gift I was given and I needed to honor it by writing it.

As I wrote about seeing B’s first breath, I saw more.

It was so neat to see him baptized by his older brother.  I remembered that moment of him coming out of the water all wet and breathing that first breath and I saw D. there too.  That D was looking down at B love.  It hit me in my heart.  His older brother baptized him!  There was cool symbolism in that.

It was the sacrifice of his Elder Brother Jesus Christ that we are all able to be baptized and cleansed of our sins.

Seek after these things

When we seek for things we will find them.  Once women realize that births can be spiritual, they start seeking to see those spiritual things and then they are able to see them.  I don’t know if I would have had that moment if I hadn’t asked to see it.  I want to continuously seek to see the spiritual things going around me always.  I pray you do to!

mom and baptism boy